Wedding Save The Date

Wedding Save The Date Wedding Save The Date

Wedding Save The Date


Gen's getting married! With the wedding happening in November, we had to send out save the dates quickly. With my fiance and I both being heavily into music and children of the 90's we decided that we'd like to emulate those nostalgic days of 90's music.


I find these kinds of projects a bit of fun as there's so much more room to move. With this project, I started with a bit of research across platforms like Pinterest and Behance. Once I'd put together a bit of a mood board I shared this with the groom and we went through a few ideas. Pretty quickly we decided on creating a mixed tape invite. I then started on sourcing assets including illustrations and retro typography. Once these were found I pieced together our invite, made sure the colours suited us and shared this with the groom before settling on a final design.


Art Direction, Graphic Design, Layout Design, Typography

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