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30% Off Designs


With my downtime, I have started creating design templates. With this design, the first of many, I thought I'd start with something simple - a 30% Off Storewide Sale. I started by coming up with some initial marketing and copy concepts before doing some design research. From here I designed the desktop and mobile eDM designs in tandem to make sure they worked on both devices. When these were completed I took the designs across the designs for social media. These I think, would be directed to the main sale page, which could also have a web banner, depending on the website capabilities.


Visual Design, Digital Design, Responsive Design, Art Direction

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eDM Desktop

30% Off Design eDM Desktop Design

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30% Off Design eDM Mobile Design

Social Media - Organic Facebook

30% Off Design eDM Desktop Design

Social Media - Organic Instagram

30% Off Design eDM Desktop Design

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30% Off Design eDM Desktop Design